Quad bike tour

Feel the adventure on four wheels!
Sierra Helada ATV Tour
Have you ever seen Benidorm from above? From our base we will set off on quad bikes to climb to the most famous cross of the city. An observation deck with a rich history and impressive views.
We will experience pure adrenaline while driving on roads with exceptional biodiversity. Our goal will be to reach the famous Cross of Benidorm. In it we will take a short break, enjoy the panorama and, finally, go on quad bikes to the starting point. Put Benidorm at your feet!

Quad bike tour in Fuentes del Algar.
Are you ready? Two hours of real freedom in the middle of the mountain. From Benidorm we can get to Fuentes del Algar.
Throughout the trip, we will be able to appreciate the local fauna and flora of the Levante region. An adrenaline-pumping experience that will take the stress out of your week with our quad bikes. What are you waiting for? Discover Fuentes del Algar with certified Fun&Quads instructors. We'll be waiting for you!

Quad bike tour in Finestrat.
A quad bike tour that runs along city and secondary roads! It will be an adventure on four wheels that you will never forget.
The route starts at our Fun&Quads base in Benidorm. There we will give you quad bikes and drive to Font del Molly. Before we get to this majestic place, we will have to drive through the streets of Benidorm. A real visual spectacle thanks to the skyscrapers that captivate the streets of Benidorm! We will then take secondary roads to reach our destination. Fountain with over 150 years of history and the busiest and most visited place in Callosa d'En Sarria.

Excursions on jet skis

Jet ski route in Punta del Albir.
We will depart from the small port of Alte Portocense and with our jet ski we will go to Isla de l'Olla.
Enjoying a panoramic view of Alte and the island, we will continue our route. The next point of the tour will be the neighboring municipality of El Albir. Here we will see the beginning of the Sierra Helad and the amazing lighthouse that is located there. It will be the most stressful half hour you will ever experience!

Excursion to Sierra Helada on jet skis.
If you love beautiful sandy beaches, rocky coves and crystal clear waters, this excursion is a sensory experience for you. In addition to feel the freedom of riding a jet ski for an hour, you will be enchanted by its coastline. Imagine swimming at the foot of the beginning of the Sierra Helada in a unique marine environment.

Departure to the island of Benidorm on a jet ski.

During the tour you will visit the entire coastline that surrounds the cities of Altea and Benidorm. A water skiing route, the destination of which will be the island of Benidorm.

We will depart from Portocense (Altea) to go to the point indicating the start of the Sierra Helada. An excursion during which we will enjoy the wonders of nature surrounding the natural park. Upon arrival in Benidorm, we will stop on the island opposite. Let's have a rest, swim a little. Maybe you will see a peregrine falcon!

Buggy excursion

Buggy routes through the Sierra Helada.
We will head towards Sierra Helada, secondary roads with the aim of reaching Cruz de Benidorm.
A tour where we will enjoy the incredible local Mediterranean flora and fauna while you test your skills behind the wheel of a buggy.
When we reach the famous cross overlooking the city of Benidorm from above, it's time to enjoy its beautiful views. You will be able to see the immensity of the sea and at the same time observe the majestic mountains surrounding one of the most visited places in the area.

Buggy excursion to Finestrat.
An hour and a half tour you will never forget! We will depart from Benidorm, the city of skyscrapers. This will be our starting point for the route.
We will start driving our bag through the streets of Benidorm until we enter secondary roads that will take us to our destination, Font del Moli. One of the most visited places in Callos d'En Sarria.
The fountain with over 150 years of history is surrounded by typical Mediterranean landscapes. Ready for an adventure? This is the moment!

Route to Fuentes del Algar by buggy.
We will leave Benidorm in our buggies towards Callosa d'en Sarriá.
This municipality, located just 16 kilometers from Benidorm, is known in the Valencian Community for its rich nature and above all for Fuentes del Algar. The tour is planned to drive on secondary roads, you will become a professional buggy driver!
Having reached the sources, the time will come for a well-deserved rest. Swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Algar River will help you prepare for the end of the route.
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